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Try Before You Buy

Gavin Williamson, Education Secretary at the time, announced in April 2021 that the government are establishing a process whereby schools can temporarily partner with a strong multi-academy trust.

“We are also developing an idea that originated with some of our leading trusts, which makes it easier for maintained and stand-alone schools to explore the benefits of joining a strong trust.”


“Schools can ‘try before they buy’ and see for themselves first-hand what being part of a strong trust involves.”


“We are setting up a process for them to temporarily partner with a strong trust, to experience the benefits that being part of a trust would offer them, their pupils, and their wider school communities.”

Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, 28th April 2021

Education Secretary speech to the Confederation of School Trusts

We would welcome and encourage schools to have an open discussion with us regarding any interest in joining  or working with One Excellence Trust.