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About Us

We are the lead primary school for Durham School Centered Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) where our Primary Lead organises and manages the course for our trainee teachers. Allocated teaching mentors ensure all trainees are supported throughout their training year by providing support, encouragement and modelling outstanding practice. We host and deliver training at our school through our practising teachers and allow trainees the opportunity to practice new skills and knowledge. Our extremely high employability rate (96%) shows a high-quality programme, with a vast amount of graduates being fast-tracked to management. See our success stories below.

The Course

The course is full time and runs from September until the end of June.

This highly practical, hands-on course allows for all who train to put carefully planned and delivered subject knowledge training into practice through vast opportunities to work with children during training. Three placements and an early years experience ensures a broad and balanced coverage of the full primary school with trainees experiencing at least two different schools. This provides our trainees with enriched experiences best preparing them for their future careers.

Supportive course tutors provide a tailored training calendar which is adapted to the trainees needs, as identified through careful monitoring and reflective/ evaluative procedures.


Apply online

You will need the following information to apply:

Institution code name: DSAS
Institution code: D87
Course code: 2BWR

Why Durham SCITT? Hear from our past students.

Durham SCITT gave me the perfect training to become a primary school teacher. I had opportunities to teach and observe in EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2; putting me in an amazing position when applying for jobs. The high level training and support from all of the leads put me in a great position to manage and create my own learning environment when qualifying.


I have worked at Nettlesworth Primary School from applying as an NQT and I feel my career has gone from strength to strength, Durham SCITT being the foundation of my resilience and determination.


For the last 4 years I have worked in early years/key stage 1; being given the opportunity to lead EYFS.


Recently I have been on middle leader training and now lead literacy across the whole school, it is great that I now use and refer back to team management skills and subject knowledge that I acquired when training with Durham SCITT.


Not only has it helped my career but I found a strong support network of like minded people who I now consider as friends for life – I truly believe that without the SCITT I would not be where I am today.

Laura Grant. Class of 2015

Durham SCITT provided me with the insight and tools required to become a successful primary school teacher.  Key to this was the vast amount of time spent in class, learning my trade at ‘the coal face’. Talking to other recently qualified teachers, who spent excessive time in the lecture hall, this appears to be a real point of difference for Durham SCITT. On top of all this, I had great fun with a wonderful cohort and left with long-lasting personal and professional relationships. Thank you Durham SCITT!

Colin Patterson, Class of 2016

During my training with Durham SCITT, I received outstanding training to prepare me for a career in teaching. I received continuous support and guidance from my brilliant mentors and Primary Lead who had high expectations of trainees throughout the year to promote outstanding practice which I have been able to apply in my NQT year.  The training I received throughout the year has significantly impacted my classroom practice as an NQT by providing me with the experience and confidence to deal with behaviour, a range of special educational needs and greater depth children which is required daily.


Durham SCITT provided me with the opportunity to work across the key stages in a primary setting; from EYFS to KS2 and in schools which were quite different demographically with different challenges. Being in the classroom from the offset allowed me to gain the first-hand experience of teaching and having the day-to-day responsibilities of a teacher.


The high calibre training content not only prepared me for my NQT year, but I believe they have provided me with the skills and experience for a career in teaching.

Abby Moore, Class of 2018