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Our Offer to Join Us

At One Excellence we are committed to ensuring that each school and the people within it are given every opportunity to achieve their potential, so the Trust is the best it can be and in turn we can positively influence the wider sector and further generate more opportunities for our region to thrive. We have a great deal to offer schools who would like to help and share in a successful, supportive and collaborative educational organisation. We are passionate about high quality professional development and school improvement, not just for those schools who are part of our Trust, we have a wealth of experience in providing evidence led CPD nationally. We welcome colleagues and partners from across the sector to join our professional development sessions; we share and learn together, as well as from each other. 

One Excellence values individuals and communities and we see success as more than results on a sheet of paper. We will measure our impact also through working closely with the pupils we support, the teachers we develop and the communities we serve.

Collaboration is one of our values and at the heart of our work and this includes working across the education sector, not only with those who are part of our Trust but also with colleagues and schools more widely, with partners and networks in a range of areas so we can all work to achieve delivering the best education and outcomes for our children. We are striving to develop civic leadership in and beyond our region and create a system which is even greater than the sum of its successful parts.

The central costs for the MAT are covered by a charge of the revenue budget allocation for each academy. This includes central contracts for services, MAT leadership and administration. This is continually reassessed as the MAT expands to ensure best value for our schools.

One Excellence Trust understands that schools require a variety of support and guidance at different times and we work to create and review a bespoke package of support tailored to each.

Funding includes;

Financial Support and Management

  • Full MIS system and support
  • Completed monthly monitoring reports in accordance with the Academies Financial Handbook
  • Completion of bank reconciliation and month end procedures
  • Reconciliation of monthly control accounts.
  • Cash flow management
  • Completion of all capital accounting and the monthly balance sheet.
  • Monthly meetings with the CFO to discuss finance
  • Advice on best practice procurement and obtaining evidence of value for money
  • Completion of annual budget and 3 year financial forecasts.
  • Completion of all ESFA returns
  • Guidance and support with completion of reports and monitoring of grant income, including PE Premium , catch up funding and Pupil Premium.
  • Regular monitoring , checking and predicting of income streams, nursery funding, SEND, LAC and PP
  • On going monitoring of staffing costs.
  • Support with budget prioritisation and scenario development.
  • CFO support in evaluating risks and opportunities in each school
  • Support with ensuring financial compliance
  • All finance policies provided for adoption at your school
  • Advice and guidance on latest finance changes / ESFA announcements.
  • Internal and external audit costs and lead support provided during this independent assessment process.
  • Business Management Support
  • Admin Support


  • All payroll costs are included in our central services offer with service procured on your behalf.
  • All payments to third parties including pensions and HMRC completed on your behalf
  • All payroll reconciliations completed
  • Access to payroll support for any queries
  • On going training and support for relevant staff


  • Support and guidance with procurement processes completed at a school level
  • Creating economies of scale via larger contracts being procured
  • Support to ensure compliance with procurement legislation

HR Support

  • All HR costs are included in  our central services offer with services procured on your behalf.
  • Dedicated HR support from an experienced  external advisor
  • Regular meetings to support with any queries or issues
  • Attendance and presentation of report at Board of Directors and LAB meetings as required
  • Support with attendance at HR meetings with employees
  • Support with disciplinary, conduct and capability  issues
  • All HR policies provided for adoption
  • Advice and support with latest employment guidance and legislation
  • Support the Board of Directors and LAB with performance management of teaching staff


  • Clerking of all governors’ meetings with all minutes being produced within one week of the meeting.
  • Provision of annual schedule of business for all LAB and Trust meetings at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Sending out all invites to meetings with agendas and respective paperwork
  • Established  Trust Scheme of Delegation / Terms of Reference with training and support provided to Leadership Teams and LAB’s
  • Support with governance policies, timetables and processes
  • Support with new governor recruitment
  • Access to training programs for all governors
  • Facilitation of annual skills audit and support with chairs 360 review
  • Completion of Company Secretary duties

Admin and School Business Manager Support

  • Guidance on Trust processes and tasks for admin and SBM Staff
  • Regular Trust  network meetings
  • Collaborative Trust working / emergency cover
  • Regular meetings with CFO and finance support staff.
  • Line management of SBM and  support with Performance Management for admin teams

Premises Management

  • Support with building maintenance and enhancement programs
  • Support in ensuring all maintenance contracts/statutory inspections completed


  • Bespoke professional development
  • Career progression
  • Partnership working
  • Policy development
  • Finance support
  • HR support
  • Role development of middle leaders
  • Trust middle leader network meetings across the curriculum
  • Annual Trust Conference
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Website Audits
  • Safeguarding Support
  • No Mocksteds – just collaboration and support


  • Specialist support from English Hub Literacy Specialists in Phonics, reading, writing and oracy
  • Specialist support from Maths specialists
  • Specialist Early Years support 
  • Wider Curriculum
  • Specialist SEND Support
  • Moderation across all Key Stages
  • Mental Health and Wellness Support
  • Curriculum Reviews
  • Ofsted Support
  • Learning Environment support
  • External School Improvement Partner validation and support
  • Website and IT Support
  • School Improvement
  • Curriculum Support
  • Moderation from EY baseline to Year 6 across the curriculum
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